The Mummy Case (Amelia Peabody #3) - Elizabeth Peters, Barbara Rosenblat

    “And I,” said Ramses, feeding the last of the sandwiches to the cat, “wish to dig up dead people. Human remains are de indicators of de racial affiliations of de ancient Egyptians. Furdermore, I feel a useful study might be made of techniques of mummification down the ages.”

     Emerson bent a tender look upon his son and heir. “Very well, Ramses; Papa will find you all the dead bodies you want.”



Oh how I love spending time with Amelia and family! This is a much needed re-read of one of my favorites in the series. The Emerson's precocious son, Ramses, joins his parents for the first time during their annual Egyptian excavation season with "de cat, Bastet," in tow. Their arch enemy, the Master Criminal, also makes his debut, setting up the on-going story arc of his antiquities thefts and special interest in Amelia and her family. Sethos, as the Emersons later learn he's called, and "de" young Ramses are special favorites among a large cast of beloved characters. Barbara Rosenblat's narration is superb, too.





I'm reading this for square #17 on the Snakes & Ladders game board: Genre - horror.