Task 3: Create an altar (either digital or physical) for your favorite book, series, or book character, and post a picture of it. Inclusion of book cover encouraged.



I really wanted to do this one since I'm a fan of the Amelia Peabody series and have always loved Egyptology. Barbara Mertz/Elizabeth Peters passed away in 2013, so this is my little tribute to her, as well. Thanks MPM for creating such fun characters and giving me so many hours of reading pleasure. :D





Books on the left that are partially hidden:


Belzoni's Travels by Giovanni Belzoni - British Museum Press

Ancient Egypt: The Great Discoveries - A Year by Year Chronicle by Nicholas Reeves

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry by Carol Andrews

The CD is the sound track for the IMAX movie,The Mystery of the Nile (Spanish)



Elizabeth Peters signed bookplate: Ms. Mertz drew this design herself with Isis holding a Hershey bar and martini. :)




Many moons ago I created my own take on the same theme for this letterhead. Here the God Thoth and the Goddess Maat are offering a Hershey bar and martini to the Aten. :P




I also designed the card on the right using Phillip Singer's fabulous cover art from "The Mummy Case" and "The Snake, The Crocodile and The Dog".