I'd planned to participate in this year's 24 Festive Tasks of the Season, but real life got in the way - again - so I'm just going to toss up a few posts this coming week to earn at least a couple of points for the book charities. :)  



Task 1:  Post a picture of your Christmas decorations.



As much as I love doing Christmas decorations, my health issues make that difficult. These days we keep it really simple, so here's our bit of holiday cheer.





We plan to move the pine tree to an outdoor container after the holidays. I also got creative with the tree topper since this little pine had a duel top. The cross stitch pillow was a kit I never got around to making and had my BFF give to a fellow church member who does needlework all the time. BFF then gifted it back to me finished which was a lovely surprise!


This is Val kitty helping out with the gift opening. Hey Dad, this box is way better than your new slippers!


And these are our outdoor Christmas Decorations this year.



Our Chinese Pistache tree produces these beautiful red berries this time of year which the birds love. I was hoping to get some pictures of the crows at their annual holiday feast, but they were camera shy. :) And it wouldn't be Christmas without a few cyclamen for a pop of color. 


Merry Christmas everyone and all the best in 2019!