Checking in to say we're safe and emergency support for fire fighting, the National Guard, military, law enforcement, etc. began pouring into Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties yesterday which has been a big relief. The scale of these fires is so huge, and the conditions have been changing so rapidly that it's like being in a war zone.


We've still in our home with all utilities working, but things got tense yesterday when the neighborhoods just southeast of us in the hills bordering Annadel State Park were evacuated. We could see the flames on that ridge and got panicky when another hot spot developed below it with a huge plume of smoke, but word was eventually put out that it was a backfire started by fire fighters to help create a break for containment.


We're located on the east side of Santa Rosa with fires to the north, east and south of us. Fortunately both the winds and temperatures dropped overnight, so conditions have improved. Towns to the north and east of Santa Rosa have been evacuated, and they're predicting the winds will increase again by Saturday though, so the region is still under threat.


I'll be scarce but will try to check back in again when I can.