I was aiming low going into BL-opoly - maybe 1-2 books per week - which is about what I've managed, but as usual I'm dragging my feet writing up the reviews. :(  So here's my update for Roll #1 and #2.


April 15th - Roll #1


'Shooting Gallery' by Juliet Blackwell was my initial pick for this space, and I loved that the title exactly matched 'Frontierland 2'. Win! Sadly it was a Kindle edition, and I decided to swap it out for an audiobook. Instead I went with 'The Old Silent' by Martha Grimes. Finished April 26th with review pending. 425 pages/$5




'Cocaine Blues' by Kerry Greenwood (audiobook) was the second book I picked after getting doubles on my 1st roll. Finished April 18th with review pending. 175 pages/$2




April 27th - Roll #2:



Timestamp: 2017-04-27 04:00:17 UTC



 Which landed me on Main Street 11




 On Her Majesty's Secret Service - David Tennant, Ian Fleming


I chose 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' by Ian Fleming since it was written in 1963 and has a contemporary setting. Finished May 2nd with review pending. 269 pages/$3




April 15th: $20 (Starting Credit)

April 18th: $22 ‘Cocaine Blues’ 175 pgs. = $2

April 26th: $27 ‘The Old Silent’ 425 pgs. = $5

May 2nd:   $30 ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ 269 pgs. = $3