I've been rather scarce on the blog front and felt some kind of explanation was in order, but it's always difficult to share this personal info because I know my daily struggles aren't easy for people to relate to. I have debilitating health issues, chronic pain among them.  I was hoping starting up my BL blog and participating in the Halloween Bingo would be doable for me, but it's more demanding than I anticipated.  So I hope it's okay if I continue to mostly just follow what all you BLers are reviewing and chatting about and occasionally add a comment when I feel up to it.


I realize what makes a community vibrant and strong is the contributions of its members, and I wish I could do more, but for now I can't and I'm not sure when or if that will change.  Reading -- or mostly listening these days -- is one of the few things I can still do, and I really enjoy hearing people's thoughts on books.  It helps me stay connected to the larger world and feel grounded since chronic illness and disability are very isolating. 


So there you have it, and I really hope it wasn’t TMI. And to keep things on topic for Halloween bingo, here's a fun photo. The gorgeous haunted Victorian behind the selfie snapping skeletons is the Carson Mansion which just happens to be located in Eureka, CA where I grew up.




Huanted House