Ammie, Come Home - Barbara Michaels

I'm lagging behind all you speed readers and only managed to make it to Chapter 3 last night.  Once dinner is finished up this evening I'll dive back in and hopefully reach the half way mark before I head off to bed. 


So far I'm kinda meh about the characters. Ruth seems to worry a lot, Sara is your more or less typical liberal 60's college student, Pat and his socialite mum flaunt they poor social skills and Bruce is shaping up to be a slick player. The atmosphere is already veering toward the creepy with Ruth's fireside nightmare foreshadowing the horror to come. We also got some nice architectural detail, and when I have a moment I'm going to google the hanging staircase Ruth's historic home features. I had fun spotting a number of signature physical attributes and personality traits Peters/Michaels' gives her characters, too.  Next up - the séance. :-0