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Person Of Interest





The Thin Man Progress Update: I've listened to 250 out of 355 minutes.


Okay, I made it past where Dorry asks Nick if her mamma is in love with him and we get that 'God no, she's a man hater' line. Then a few minutes later there's the ugly scene with Mimi. Whoa boy, so much crazy goin' on.  So I took a break and went looking for gifs.



Here's one for all you Nick lovers courtesy of Nora. ;)




The Thin Man Progress Update: I've listened to 65 out of 355 minutes.


OMG. How did I forget Nick is a total lush?! Is Asta the only sober one?


Who You Gonna Call?

Well folks, I'm getting all my Halloween Bingo 2017 stuff pulled together at my usual snail's pace, but hopefully my marker reveal was worth the wait. :)  Handing out trick-or-treat candy while watching Ghostbusters has been a Halloween tradition at our house for years, so going with a Ghostbusters theme was a no brainer. Then when the first bingo call to kick-off this year's game was the "Ghost" square I knew it was a sigh!



















 So I'm fudging the "Read" and "Called & Read" squares for illustration

purposes, but here's what my card will look like. And I'm hoping to read a

 couple of short stories this week to catch up with all you speed readers!


Good To Go: Halloween Bingo 2017

I tried to weight my card heavily toward mystery since last year's Halloween bingo confirmed I haven't acquired much of a taste for horror. I still have a smattering of books that should work, along with plenty of ghost stories and a few vampires, werewolves and witches, so I think my TBR's will cover most or all of the squares. I've got my fingers crossed I hang in for the whole game this time. Third time's the charm!


And thanks to Moonlight Murder and Obsidian Blue for hosting what's shaping up to be another exciting game of Halloween bingo and fun buddy reads. The customized cards are fabulous, and Moonlight's design talents and production speed are amazing! :)







Heat Wave

Our weather suddenly turned hot yesterday, and the over 90-degree temperatures were literally frying the last of our iris blooms, so I rescued the best of the bunch and brought them inside to enjoy. They have a honey like fragrance that has drifted throughout most of the house and is simply divine. I added some mint to the mix for a bit of greenery and snapped these pictures to share here on BL. Enjoy!



The dark rust one is named Rustler.




And a 2nd photo was needed to include the country cat. :)


Booklikes-opoly Dewey Bonus Rolls

So officially I've only rolled twice for BL-opoly at this point and haven't posted reviews, but I went ahead and took advantage of the three bonus rolls Moonlight kindly gave us Saturday anyway. :D Somehow I managed to lose my Saturday time-stamped rolls and post, though, so I took another crack at it Sunday with the following results.


 Dewey Bonus Roll #1:


Timestamp: 2017-04-30 22:36:24 UTC


 Dewey Bonus Roll #2:


Timestamp: 2017-04-30 22:40:27 UTC


Dewey Bonus Roll #3: 


Timestamp: 2017-04-30 22:44:59 UTC



Which landed me on these squares starting from Main Street 11:






'Cars Land 18' pick:




I'm going with either 'Hot Property' by Jenna Bennett (276 pages/$3) or 'Hissy Fit' by Mary Kay Andrews (448 pages/$5). Both were buried on my Kindle, and they're the only books in my collective TBR piles (print, e-book, audio) that feature a car on the cover!  



 'Adventureland 24' pick:



'Tears of the Giraffe' by Alexander McCall Smith (audio) which is set in Africa and has an exotic animal on the cover. 256 pages/$3



'Paradise Pier 31' pick:



'Persuasion' by Jane Austen (150 pages/$2) or 'Royal Flush' by Rhys Bowen (320 pages/$3). Both titles begin with a letter in the word PIXR. 


***Now off to get cracking on those reviews.***

Booklikes-opoly: Roll #2

I was aiming low going into BL-opoly - maybe 1-2 books per week - which is about what I've managed, but as usual I'm dragging my feet writing up the reviews. :(  So here's my update for Roll #1 and #2.


April 15th - Roll #1


'Shooting Gallery' by Juliet Blackwell was my initial pick for this space, and I loved that the title exactly matched 'Frontierland 2'. Win! Sadly it was a Kindle edition, and I decided to swap it out for an audiobook. Instead I went with 'The Old Silent' by Martha Grimes. Finished April 26th with review pending. 425 pages/$5




'Cocaine Blues' by Kerry Greenwood (audiobook) was the second book I picked after getting doubles on my 1st roll. Finished April 18th with review pending. 175 pages/$2




April 27th - Roll #2:



Timestamp: 2017-04-27 04:00:17 UTC



 Which landed me on Main Street 11




 On Her Majesty's Secret Service - David Tennant, Ian Fleming


I chose 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' by Ian Fleming since it was written in 1963 and has a contemporary setting. Finished May 2nd with review pending. 269 pages/$3




April 15th: $20 (Starting Credit)

April 18th: $22 ‘Cocaine Blues’ 175 pgs. = $2

April 26th: $27 ‘The Old Silent’ 425 pgs. = $5

May 2nd:   $30 ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ 269 pgs. = $3






Booklikes-opoly: Roll #1


I'm in! I hadn't planned to play, but I got caught up in all the enthusiasm, so here's my set-up and how the first roll went.


The cat playing piece was a must, so I picked gold/bronze vs. silver since Murder by Death already had dibs on it  :)





My first roll on the 15th was 'snake eyes' or 1+1 = 2. Since it was doubles, I rolled again and got 1+5 = 6. Apparently I didn't save my time stamped rolls in the correct format to paste them here, though. Will need to sort that out for my next roll.


Bank: $20

Roll #1: 1+1 = 2

Roll #2: 1+5 = 6





Roll #1 Lands on Frontierland 2

Roll #2 Lands on ? 8


My picks are:




'Shooting Gallery' by Juliet Blackwell which I hope has an actual shooting, but the title fits and I figure I get some 'wiggle' room since I rolled 'snake eyes'.  :)  362 pages/$3





'Cocaine Blues' by Kerry Greenwood (audiobook) which begins with 'C' and is a mystery. 175 pages/$2













The Rose Garden: I've read 70%.
The Rose Garden - Susanna Kearsley

I enjoyed Kearsley's 'The Winter Sea' and the sequel 'The Firebird' but ended up taking a break from 'The Rose Garden' 70% in. As lovely as Kearsley's writing is, the pace was dragging some for me.


The 1715 Jacobite rebellion again figures into the story, but the setting is Cornwall rather than Scotland (and Russia) here, and the time traveling heroine, Eva, falls for Daniel who is also involved in smuggling. Eva is grieving after the death of her sister and returns to Cornwall where they stayed with family while growing up. Aside from the complications spontaneous time travel presents, nothing much has happened to Eva so far. I'm also finding Daniel's close friend, Fergal, the more interesting character of the two. Hmm...   

The Five Bells And Bladebone: I've read 37%.
The Five Bells and Bladebone - Martha Grimes

I'm having fun with this one which is why I continue listening to the Richard Jury series.  The previous two or three books did have rather abrupt endings and ambiguous, unsatisfying reveals, though, so I'm hoping the series gets back on track with Five Bells. Grimes' humor always manages to amuse me, and while she's definitely the queen of the simile, her love for them rarely bothers me. 




I've been impressed and touched by the heartfelt blogs and comments many of the BLers I follow are writing in the wake of Trump's shocking presidential win. I wish I was equally articulate, but since I'm not I wanted to share this video by musician and humanitarian Michael Franti. It was a pre-election message about voting which I feel is even more important now.  Our voices count at the polls and every single day.  Take heart, be vocal and persevere. 



Bingo Square!






             The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde









Slowly making progress while having fun with the graphics!





4.5 Stars
The Canterville Ghost
The Canterville Ghost [Classic Tales Edition] - B.J. Harrison, Oscar Wilde

Sir Simon, the 300 year old resident ghost of Canterville Manor, takes his haunting very seriously. Over the centuries his terrifying spectral performances have sent more than a few Canterville descendants, visitors and servants off the deep-end, never to recover. All that changes when the current Lord Canterville sells the estate to American Minister Hiram B. Otis. Much to Sir Simon's dismay, the thoroughly modern and pragmatic American family that moves in is blithely indifferent to all his ghostly machinations. Fun ensues when the Otis boys turn the tables on Sir Simon and play their own pranks on the hapless ghost.  But ultimately their kind and loving sister takes pity on poor Sir Simon and bravely helps him find the peace he so badly wants. 


I found this short story delightfully funny yet touching. It was my first Oscar Wilde work, and I was pleasantly surprised the prose wasn't overly formal and wordy like some 19th century writing. I laughed a lot and enjoyed all of Wilde's witty little jibs at American culture. The serious turn in the latter part of the tale was nicely done, and the poignancy of Sir Simon's desire to traverse the portals of death's house and be laid properly to rest was lovely and poetic. I definitely want to try more of Wilde's writing.  


I was also happy with B. J. Harrison's narration of this audiobook version. I liked his voice and interpretation of the story and characters.  I did note a tiny glitch early on with a repeated word, and at times the consistency of his voice changes for a specific character faltered a wee bit.  All in all, though, I'd recommend this audiobook version which was inexpensive and well worth the listen.        



First Bingo Square





        Ammie, Come Home by Barbara Michaels








This was my pick for the buddy read square, and I was pleased we had so many people join in for the read and discussion. Michaels' spooky ghost story was nicely atmospheric but clearly showed its age when it came to social attitudes and gender roles. I was a little disappointed with the characters and had a few niggles with the plot as well, but I put that down to Ammie being an early Michaels' work. 


I actually finished reading this a week ago, but it's been years since I've used my Photoshop program, and it's taken me a while to get back up to speed on putting together graphics and managing files. Better late then never, as they say. :0)  So here's my first blacked out square for Halloween bingo!






Real Life Challenges

I've been rather scarce on the blog front and felt some kind of explanation was in order, but it's always difficult to share this personal info because I know my daily struggles aren't easy for people to relate to. I have debilitating health issues, chronic pain among them.  I was hoping starting up my BL blog and participating in the Halloween Bingo would be doable for me, but it's more demanding than I anticipated.  So I hope it's okay if I continue to mostly just follow what all you BLers are reviewing and chatting about and occasionally add a comment when I feel up to it.


I realize what makes a community vibrant and strong is the contributions of its members, and I wish I could do more, but for now I can't and I'm not sure when or if that will change.  Reading -- or mostly listening these days -- is one of the few things I can still do, and I really enjoy hearing people's thoughts on books.  It helps me stay connected to the larger world and feel grounded since chronic illness and disability are very isolating. 


So there you have it, and I really hope it wasn’t TMI. And to keep things on topic for Halloween bingo, here's a fun photo. The gorgeous haunted Victorian behind the selfie snapping skeletons is the Carson Mansion which just happens to be located in Eureka, CA where I grew up.




Huanted House



Reading progress update: I've read 192 out of 352 pages.
Ammie, Come Home - Barbara Michaels

I've finished Chapter 7 and the characters have grown on me.  Bruce is shaping up to be a descent sort and not the player Ruth assumed he was.  Pat is still a hard sell, tho.  To be fair, a couple of the scenes where I wasn't crazy about his behavior probably weren't entirely his fault. But his attitude and aggressive tendency don't sit well with me. Ruth's backstory was illuminating.  And despite several chilling incidents from where I last left off, I haven't been scared witless. :-D  Only 24 hours left now for our foursome to track down the dark secrets of the house.     

currently reading

Progress: 460/552minutes
Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection -  Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen Fry